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Corporations Cashing in on Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Geo Group, which is one of the largest for-profit prison corporations, has to secure a federal contract in the amount of $110 million to build a new facility specifically meant to detain undocumented immigrants. According to the talking points memo, the geo group said it is 1000 bed detention facility will be in Conroe, Houston, and will open by the end of next year.

Geo already operates the 1500 bed Joe Corley immigrant detention center in the same small town, so it’s a little strange that they need another for-profit prison to detain for-profit prisoners in the area. But you know that we have been covering for-profit prisons, and how disastrous they have been, how they do not cut costs, how they are not really private prisons and they are privately run, but they have investors, and they want to make a profit.

The whole point is to detain and to detain as many people as possible so that they can make as much money as possible. So, if you are concerned about undocumented immigrants using up our resources, well, this is a perfect example of how detaining undocumented immigrants actually makes you, the taxpayer, spend your money on something we shouldn’t be spending money sound and be spending money on. It is not just Texas. This has been going on in Arizona.

I have family that actually worked in a medical facility that is privately run and operated, and ice kind of overseas it, so we have all these contracts with ice, that sort of facilitate the housing and warehousing of diligence, so if you insist:

Close Catch and Release Program

If we are basically for the warehouse people to get their paperwork in order, until we ship them out, we are essentially starting another industry of, essentially warehousing people who are in violation of the rock and of the law. It’s very costly. It leads to a gigantic profit motive in criminalizing people who are suddenly coming here looking for a better life.

We shouldn’t have a system where we just let anyone in an open our borders, no one is asking for that, but you want commonsense legislation, and commonsense regulations to deal with this issue, and we are doing the exact opposite of that right now. It is the way that these detention centers are modeled after our current justice system models.

Outside of the detention centers, there are bond programs, or other forms of surveillance systems that look a lot like how we deal with criminal justice, which is also privatized. When we examine this, we’ve got to look at some of the racial structures, the economic imperatives and ask why these policies are forming in the way that they are. Exactly, and at the end of the Obama administration, Obama had made the decision to stop using for-profit prisons at the federal level.

Of course, trump came in and completely did away with that, and the stock prices for this federal pork and federal for-profit prisons shot up, and the stock price for the geo group is what showed up again. You don’t want to have this sort of profit motive structured into our justice system, but we do, and I was hoping that this system will get better after the Obama administration, but of course, it’s not.

You have Donald Trump, which is a product of a corrupt political system. He’s exploited that political system, what makes anyone think that he wouldn’t do any and that he would not do favors for groups like geo group? Us immigration and customs enforcement already has a record of more than 41,000 detainees, that number is expected to increase, and also the agency has identified an additional 21,000 unused beds that it plans to use for detention.

So, let’s say that these beds are not being used. Our taxpayer money still has to pay for the beds as if there are inmates there, and it creates an incentive where if there are unused beds, well we just need to detain more people. So that’s another issue.

Also, Trump has instructed ice to detain all and as soon as you come into this country and you are undocumented, you are breaking the law in Donald Trump’s book, and you could be put in one of these detention centers. In other words, they will be filling up, and they will be building more of these facilities. The conditions will probably decline as populations rise in because if it’s run like a business they want to cut costs and maximize profits.

There have been a number of reports regarding for-profit prisons that, you know, there was just heinous behavior. Inhumane treatment of the inmates, not providing the necessary medical care, and so, that’s unsurprising when you run a prison like a business. So, this is not a good situation.

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