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Five Questions Should I Ask an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Lawyer

The first one is: what is the experience that this immigration attorney has with immigration-only cases? Immigration law changes every day and you want to make sure you hire someone who has experience and who knows what changes are coming, not only every month but every week and every day. So, find out how long and for how many years they’ve been working exclusively on immigration cases.

The second question you want to ask is: what do their peers say about them? What do other attorneys and judges say? There are two ways you can know that.

  1. One is you can find out what their rating is in a service called Martindale-Hubbell. The highest rating, which I am honored to have, is AV preeminent attorney. This is a rating that I have been given by other attorneys and judges who consider that I am an ethical and professional attorney.
  2. In addition, you can also look to see what awards that attorney has won, not only from their local bar association but also from national bar associations. For example, we have awards from the Broward County Bar, Broward County Hispanic Bar, and I have been appointed by the association of the state of Florida as an immigration expert.

The third question that you’re going to want to ask is: when has that attorney won a case specifically like mine? You hear it over and over. Every case is different, and you want to get, at the consultation, in front of that attorney, experiences. You want to hear from them one or two stories of cases just like yours that they’ve won. By looking the attorney in the eyes, you will have the sense that this attorney can handle exactly your type of case.

Fourth, you want to know: what do the fees include? When an immigration attorney says to you, I can file your residency application or any application for $500, that’s not really telling you much. Sure, filing an application is the beginning, but our fees, which reflect fees.

For example also include calls to the attorney, calls to the paralegals, messages to the attorney, messages to the paralegal, meetings with the attorney to prepare for the interview or a hearing, the attorney going with the client to the interview or the hearing, as well as writing a legal brief explaining why you deserve to win your case. So, it’s very important to note that you’re getting a lot more than the filing of an application. You’re getting a full-service advocate that’s going to be helping you and is going to be helping you until you get your case resolved the way you want it to be resolved.

And last, you want to know about payment options. Not all attorneys charge the complete fee up front. In fact, when we do it, we give a 10% discount on full payment. We also offer monthly payments plan, as well as we can refer you to a company that gives loans specifically for the filing of immigration cases.

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