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How the Atlantic Immigration Pilot works – Applicant Endorsement?

Atlantic Immigration

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

A unique set of immigration programs specifically designed to grow the economy in Atlantic Canada and help meet the needs of employers like you.

Applicant Endorsement

When your recruit accepts the job, you will connect them with a designated settlement service provider organization that will assess the needs of the recruit and their family. This will be done through online or in-person discussions with each family member. The assessment will result in a settlement plan that will help them integrate into their new life in Atlantic Canada.

Provincial Endorsement

With the job offer and settlement plan in place, the next step is to get a provincial endorsement for your recruit using the form from the province’s website. Send the form together with the job offer and settlement plan to the province once you and your recruit have completed it. Your recruit can apply for permanent residence as soon as they receive their confirmation of provincial endorsement.

If you needed, temporary work permits are available in cases where it is urgent to fill a full-time or permanent job vacancy. This option is available once you have submitted a completed endorsement application to the province.

A temporary work permit will allow the new employee and their family to come to Canada while they prepare and submit their permanent resident application. To qualify for a temporary work permit, your recruit will need a valid job offer, a referral letter from the province and a signed commitment form to apply for permanent residence within 90 days of submitting their application for the temporary work permit.

You will need to use the Employer Portal to submit the offer of employment for a temporary work permit. The Employer Portal lets employers submit offers of employment to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Now that is your recruit has their provincial endorsement.

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