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How to Dress for Success at an Immigration Officer Interview?

Interview Dress

Once you become a legal permanent resident, you’re only one step away from being a member of this most elite club of US citizens.

For women, it’s important to demonstrate your honesty and purity of the words you’re telling, so that the officer will believe you what you’re going to be telling them all the more strongly. Women, don’t wear anything that indicates party or funerals. No bright colors nothing like no greens, no reds, no oranges for certain, and also no blacks, no dark grays. For example, simply keep it to white, beige, soft pink on the outside, creams. Keep your jewelry to a minimum. Something modest and conservative is the best way to go.

For men, no jewelry at all, no earrings, regardless of fashionable it is. Also for men, a white shirt, a blue tie, dress pants and dress shoes. A jacket is not necessary, especially in weather like South Florida where even in November/December it can still be quite warm. The point of this dress is not that you are becoming someone that you’re not. But just like documents and information, what we are trying to reflect to the immigration officer is that you’re making an effort. You’re putting your best foot forward.

Now your attorney will dress differently, but that just demonstrates the uniform of the attorney is probably a suit. What you’re trying to do with these clothes is demonstrate your respect to the process. The same way you indicate that your documents are going to be completely in order, and that your information is going to be consistent. Because you’ve reviewed it in your mind several times before you get to the interview.

The clothes you wear at an immigration interview also tell the officer that you’ve taken time, and that you care about the outcome. So here are some more don’ts. Don’t wear any jeans. Women don’t wear any heels over three inches. Sounds kind of conservative, and it really is.

Men and women, in addition to the clothing you should wear, I always recommend that it not be something new. The reason for this is you don’t want to be uncomfortable in any way at this interview. You do want to seem a bit formal that you are taking it for the seriousness involved. But most certainly, you want to also reflect your true nature. Try to be yourself, try to relax, and always be honest with the immigration officer.

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