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How to Prepare for the First Foreign Trip?

First Foreign Trip

For every first time traveler, there are certain doubts regarding a foreign trip. For example; how to get a visa? What questions are asked by the visa officer? Usually, getting a visa on arrival is relatively easy then the advance visas. How to deal with the immigration formalities? What questions are asked by an Immigration officer? But usually, these processes are not so difficult to deal with as they are generally considered.

So the general questions asked are where are you going? What is the purpose of your trip? Who are you going with? Going with friends or family! By the way both are married but still going without their spouse. I don’t know why many fellows think Thailand is not good for a family trip! But based on my experience I can definitely recommend Thailand for a family trip.

My friend wrote this after visiting Thailand with his family we watched you travel videos before planning this trip videos, in general are very helpful we checked the weather, currency, food, transportation, etc.

While Planning for Our First Trip

I will recommend you watch videos based on your destination. For Example; when I was in the initial stage of planning my trip to Malaysia I started watching videos on YouTube, based on Malaysia. You should take full advantage of internet to do basic research for a trip. You will get a lot more confident after watching the YouTube videos. So, besides YouTube you can also check some other travel websites like Tripadvisor is also good for getting information. Tourists share their travelling experiences on such platforms.

You can also check the tourist helpline group on Facebook. Ask your travel queries at Facebook. Use ‘Search’ tool of this group to find information related to your query. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then type Thailand in the search box and you’ll get all the information shared by the members related to Thailand.

For the first timers I can say that collect as much as information from internet. The more you read, the more confidence you’ll get. The Facebook group of ‘Tourist Helpline’ for gathering any travel related information. There are members having immense travelling experience to help you in this group.

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