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Immigration USA

Immigration USA – Can I Get a Green Card Based on Buying a Property?

The answer unfortunately is no. This is a huge misconception that I encounter all the time even real estate companies and legal presentations if this were true it would probably be more than one billion people living in the United States simply buying a property whether for personal use as a pied-à-terre, as a pure investment to sit on or to rent into make income, does not enable someone to get a green card any investment based visa application must involve the creation of permanent full-time jobs.

If someone has a million dollars to invest they can invest in any EB-5 project by a regional centre or through direct investment which will create at least 10 full-time jobs within the two years that they get with their conditional green card and it’s important to emphasize that the investment is not tied in any way to the purchase a personal property so these two elements don’t generally mix now if someone has a million dollars to buy a property and wants a green card they simply have to invest an additional five hundred thousand dollars into any EB-5 project that is in a targeted employment area.

It’s very important to understand that only in very limited circumstances does someone invest in a property and then they’re able to use that specific property for the purposes of green card are that only happens in mixed-use situations where someone is buying a commercial property which in turn has a business within it creates those 10 or more full-time permanent jobs and that might also include a personal area, a property an apartment within that structure for the person to live in but if it’s just a pure investment pure property purchase that does not lead to the creation at 10 full-time permanent jobs, then an investment does not meet the requirements for EB-5 and a green card is not possible if you see promises of a green card based on pure investment in residential real estate purchases there are probably a scam and you may be taking a huge risk. If your dream is to have a green car and to live in the US talk to specialists who might be able to come up with the best strategy for you.

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