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Immigration USA – Can I Get a Visa to Run a Franchise in the U.S?

Franchise Visa

The answer is yes the real question that must be asked here in terms of how much must be invested is determined by the nationality of investor there’s a visa called the E-2 visa which only applies to nationals from countries that have a treaty with the US. The Department of State has a website that lists all the Treaty nations. The majority of individuals in the world do not qualify because they’re from India. China and the most populated countries that don’t have treaties but there are nationals from 80 countries that can qualify. So if you are from one of those countries then you can buy a franchise and get a visa.

It’s important to understand that E-2 visa application is only as strong as the franchise in which it invests. The more established the brand is easier it is to convince an adjudicator. It’s a good investment with a high likelihood generating positive revenue and creating jobs. It’s also important to know it the kind of franchise you choose is also going to determine the probability of success of your visa application. If you buy into a franchise that does not have an established track record then it’s going to be hard to convince an adjudicator.

If you buy into a franchise that’s well known that regional or even national the chances are going to be higher for success. For the basic reason that adjudicator will know the brand and will also know at the National company behind it is going to back your investment, do the due diligence and research to choose the right location and make sure that it’s a successful extension of their brand. Also important to know that your choice is tied to your future, so if you choose the wrong franchise and that since that franchise is tied to for US business that you set up and that sponsors your visa if the business fails so does your visa.

Now if you are not from one those countries that don’t have a treaty with the US including Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, and South Africa then you must meet a much higher threshold in terms of the minimum investment and then you would have to apply to what is called EB-5. It’s important to understand that job creation, in either case, is the most important element. The most popular franchise models today are hospitality models, including hotels, restaurants, and resorts and even assisted living centers.

If you invest in a business that needs and requires manpower and personnel from a first date it opens, the chances of meeting job requirements for your E-2, your E-2 renewals or an EB-5 and then the removal of the conditions for that EB-5 green car the most important thing is to choose a franchise model which you know over time will create those jobs and if they create those jobs immediately in your chances for success are much higher.

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