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Making Your USCIS Immigrant Fee Payment

USCIS Immigrant Fee

USCIS Immigrant Fee

To pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee uses the USCIS Electronic Immigration System or USCIS ELIS. After entering your information, you will come to the payment screen. Make sure you find your name and the names of any family members you added. Next, to each person’s name, you should see the fee of $165 per person. At the bottom, you will see the total amount that you owe. Click Next.

In the next screen, you need to enter your payment information. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or U.S bank account also known as an Automated Clearing House or ACH payment. If you are paying with a pre-paid debit card, such as a Visa gift card, you can use only one card. The card must have enough money on it to pay for you and any family members. If you are paying with your bank account, enter the Account Holder Name in the first field.

Next to Account Type, use the drop-down menu to select either checking or savings. Next, enter the bank’s routing number. Enter your bank account number twice. You can find your bank routing number, account number at the bottom of one of your checks. The image at the bottom of this page shows where to find each number.

Finally, click Continue with ACH Payment. If you are paying with a credit card or debit card, enter the account holder’s name, billing address, card type, and card number, security code usually three digits on the back of the card and expiration date. Then select Continue with Plastic Card Payment.

On the next screen, you can find a summary of the information you have entered. Check to make sure the information is correct. You have the option to enter an email address to receive a receipt. You will need to enter your email address twice.

In the “CC” field, you can enter the email addresses of any family members which Immigrant Fee you are paying, so they also receive a copy of the receipt. At the bottom of the page, there is a statement saying that you approve the payment. You must click on the box marked with a red star to be able to continue with your payment.

Finally, click Submit Payment. While on this page, please do not click the back arrow on your browser. Also, do not click the Submit Payment button more than once, or you may be charged the Immigrant Fee more than once. You can follow the status of your Green Card processing by logging into your USCIS ELIS account.

If you have questions about the USCIS Immigrant Fee process or problems paying the fee, please visit the website or select the Email Us for Help link. After you complete the form, USCIS will contact you by phone or email. You can also schedule an appointment with a USCIS immigration officer by going to the website.

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