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Preparing for Your US Immigrant Visa Interview

Visa Interview

Are you ready for the visa interview US settled yet? We hope you’re ready, but because there are many steps to prepare let’s go through all the steps to ensure you do not miss any steps! Let’s begin with an invitation to interview. You can receive this letter by mail or email.

Check the first page to see the date, time and place of the interview Please double-check to make sure all the names on the interview letter are accurate This is the name of the visa applicant must attend an interview. Now prepare for the interview carefully.

Please select the city where you will interview. Three letters show abbreviated city names will coincide with the first three letters of your NVC case number. Information about NVC case number is indicated on your appointment letter. You can select the appropriate language by clicking on the button on top Right of the page is the contact information and links to useful sites. Left page are the steps you must take before the interview. Remember to carefully comply with the instructions.

At some embassies/consulates, you must register for free delivery services to get a passport and a visa after the interview. Usually you have to register online. If the embassy/consulate does not require you to register your address, please do not worry. In the interview, the consular officer will inform the way pick up the passport and visa.

Next, place your health appointments in one of the units by the Embassy/Consulate specify listed on your appointment letter. Physical examination results from other units will not be accepted. Remember to bring a full range of papers is required when a health examination. We will teach more about these documents in a few minutes.

Next, print the list of documents needed for the interview and carefully check the full items that are required for each visa applicant. These are the documents you must bring to the interview. Remember to bring all original documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses. If you have relatives in the US financial support for you, you need to contact them to ask some papers.

Here’s what you need to speak with their relatives. You’re viewing a list of the required documents submitted at the visa interview settlements. I need copies of federal tax reports submitted the most recent mother, and if W2 form will always be helpful, please. Without these documents, the interview you will not be completed, please. Please read carefully the information on judicial records. If your judicial records submitted to NVC than one year ago and you are still living in that country, you must apply for new judicial records and bring them to the interview.

Next you will have to go shooting! On the specifications of shooting you can watch online. Please note you are not wearing glasses or a hat and look straight ahead slightly.

On the day checkup, let the doctor passport, appointment letter, the passport, and a copy of your immunization information. After your physical examination and the fee are done, the doctor will send the results directly to the Embassy/Consulate or will give you a sealed envelope. Note Do not open this envelope! Take that sealed envelope to the visa interview.

Now that you’ve almost completely ready for the interview! Check back all the instructions again and watch carefully the note about the interview. You’ll see options such as scheduling the interview, or cancel appointments interviews, security checking process and you will find links to sites with more guidance and useful information.

Finally, gather and organize all the paperwork and ensure they have enough papers as the list of documents needed for the interview.

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