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Student Leaders Hold Forum on Immigration

Montgomery College students held from all parts of the world including the seven countries targeted by the temporary band and the president’s executive order on immigration. With this student invited community leaders to address questions in an open forum. I know for a fact that our students are scared I know that it was to what we have 215 students who are from those seven countries that are part of that ban on refugee for the next four months.

We’re trying to create a forum something for the students to discuss how they feel emotionally what the Senate can do for them to encourage the cause of helping our Muslim, and immigrant students. Fear of deportation is a top concern for some students which is why Takoma Park century city status with the first item of discussion.

Our Police Department will not turn anyone over to ice enforcement if they find that you are undocumented, it means that when someone comes to the city for services to participate in our Rec programs or anything like that you’re never asked your immigration status.

Our crime rates have actually gone down in recent years and in fact when we look at who is committing a crime in our neighborhood and what type of crime being committed it’s not being committed by people who are undocumented. While the political climate feels hostile to some the College reassured students of where its stance in regards to its values.

I’m very proud of the fact that about twenty-eight percent of our students and Montgomery College identify as international students. We’re probably like most community colleges in the country and we one of the most the seventh highest-ranked college campus community colleges that have a number of international students that we have, so as the result of that we have the competence in making sure that we provide supportive environment and services to support students to be successful.

Is easy to be really confused and say well I’m I even wanted here right, so our top leadership is basically saying, our top leaders basically saying he does not want them here with all these executive actions coming forward and is a real concern to us in our community because of how culturally diverse we are the college we take pride in that.

The college is here to support us and the students immigrant refugee F1 visa whatever the college is there to work with students and help them succeed that’s what’s great about Montgomery College it can give somebody who has no educational experience they can start taking English courses and then they can go want to get whatever a Ph.D. anything, anything is possible at Montgomery College.

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