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The Canadian Magazine of Immigration

Canadian Immigration

First, we are neither immigration consultants nor employment consultants. In fact, we are a small group of researcher’s, web designers and social media experts working on this project. Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to immigration to Canada that includes key areas such as immigration programs or policy, immigration and employment analysis related subjects such as the cost of living education and other social issues.

In our opinion, getting a visa Canadian visa is just the beginning of a very long and complex social phenomenon. From this point of view, we think it’s very important that our users in Canada and abroad know about the conditions of Canada a receiving country and what this country offers in terms of employment, housing, education, public safety, taxes, etc Second, to those who ask about the use of average data, we can tell them that as researchers, we present the most reliable information available in Canada.

Our main sources are the Canadian government financial other Canadian and foreign professional institutions. These sources mostly present average data and sometimes only sometimes the data is broken down so we get more specific information but it’s not always the case we know that the data could be better and reflect more accurately this and other subjects.

But in the meantime for us is reliable robust data that allows making some comparisons in the long term and across the country to I want to add that we will never present data from unknown sources or based on rumors even when we present opinions, they come with their source and date. In fact, we are proud that our publication has served millions of users in Canada and abroad since 2002 when we set up our online publication Canada immigrants dot com.

Since the beginning, no one has included researchers in Canada and abroad Canadian student’s government officials from different levels immigrants in Canada prospective immigrant’s businesspeople and the public at large.

Now that we are here into social media, we are reaching a new audience mostly composed of prospective immigrants this makes us happy but it also represents a big challenge for us. We have to present now our content in a very different format. By looking at other magazine channels, we soon realized that it was going to be difficult mostly because it requires lots of resources; however, we decided to go ahead with the idea and here we are making our best effort to fulfill your info needs.

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