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The Minimum Investment Required for E-2 Visa

What is the lowest Investment sum required to acquire an E-2visa endorsement? Well, we have seen endorsements for as low as $35,000USD. The question is how did that person acquire an endorsement for their E-2 visa when others have been being denied a higher sum? The E-2 visa is more equivocal than other visas in that area does not state exactly what the base investment sum really is to qualify.

Each application is looked at on an individual case by case premise. In any case, what did this person with the lower investment sum do that other higher investment E-2 candidates did not? Well in order to have a lower investment application be looked upon positively you need to have a very solid business design.

Movement authorities should see exactly what your arrangement is in order for your business to develop and provide economic benefit to the United States over the coming years. This economic benefit can be as your business procuring employees, vendor relationships and purchases, and whatever other action that provides quantifiable economic benefit to the USA.

In the event that your business design indicates solid benefits, however, just shows you placing money in your own pocket that isn’t a decent business anticipate the E-2. So with the case of lower E-2 investments, it is profoundly likely your application will be viewed with greater investigation versus a higher investment of $100,000 or more.

In the event that you have less than $100,000, your business design must be extremely compelling to acquire a favorable result. So while a lower investment is possible with the E-2 it isn’t ideal. Our recommendation in cases with lower budgets for E-2 is to line up with an established franchise that already has a proven business design and a long history of verifiable success.

While physical franchises like sustenance or retail storefronts are typically not a decent choice with under $250,000, service-based franchises like painting, development, property management or counseling can be a decent match depending on your circumstance. City matches prospective E-2 candidates with established USA franchise brands.

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