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What to Expect at an Immigration Consultation?

Immigration Expectation

If you schedule an immigration consultation with an immigration lawyer, there are certain things that you should be getting out of it. If you have not, then it is my opinion that the consultation was perhaps a waste of time, or that perhaps you should call back that person and ask some further questions.

The first thing you should get when you do an immigration consultation is someone who listens to you. That’s probably the most important thing of all. You have a certain situation that you have to explain to your lawyer.

If that lawyer doesn’t have the listening ears, is not paying attention, that lawyer is not going to be able to advise you on what to do about your problem. So pay attention to whether or not they’re paying attention to you. The other important thing is that after they listen to your case, your situation, they should be able to tell you what your options are.

What visas are applicable or what you have to do to meet your goals? They should be able to tell you the visa, whether it be a U.S. work visa, a Canadian work visa, or permanent resident it doesn’t matter, whatever makes sense.

How long is it going to take? What are the risks? What are the chances of success, the chances of failure? How much it costs? What are the government fees? What is the legal fee? What are your obligations to pay that lawyer? And what obligations does the lawyer have to you? And part of that is communication. It’s very important that once you hire a lawyer, you should know the mode of communication.

How are you going to communicate with the lawyer? Are you going to be emailing? Are you going to be calling? Are you going to be faxing? Also, it depends on where you are located too because if you don’t live in the area you’re going to have to be communicating remotely.


Should the lawyer be getting back to you within 24 hours? If you send an email or phone to that lawyer, it’s always very important to know what the communication’s all about. So, when you’re at these consultations, you should really get out of the consultation that the lawyer’s listening to you, offers a solution, options, explains how long it is going to take, what are the risks, and how much it’s going to cost, because if you don’t get those basics, you really didn’t get value for consultation.

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